Out Reach

Hopkinton Fair

We were at the Hopkinton fair this year in the exabit hall! We were there Friday-Monday for most of the day. We had an interactive display where we had people driving our past robots around so they got to see them in action for themselves. We handed out business cards for people to get in contact with us and/or learn more about team and FIRST. There was a huge crowd of people and we had everyone who wanted to drive, either one or both, of our robots; or they just watched and we got to tell a lot of people about FIRST, and our team. We gained a huge amount of new members and was our most successful out reach. The 4-hers were impressed with our interactive exabits and plan on doing more of them in the future, going as far as making plans to restructure the 4-h exabit hall at the Hopkinton fair to make it easier to do interactive exabits.