As and FRC/FTC team we try to reach out to lots of people to talk to them about robotics, FIRST, and what we do. This page is for all of the out reaches that we’ve done in the past and that we plan on doing in the future.

Hopkinton Sate Fair

We attended the Old Home Day celebration introducing many people to our robotics team in our brightly colored tent. We had both of our robots from the past two years there and we were switching them out so that the kids got to see both of them at work. Kids who stopped by got to drive the robot and work with the other person to move the blocks around and shoot the rings into the goal.

These are some old pictures of an outreach we did in collaboration with the boy scouts in the early summer of 2020.

Boy Scout Out reach
Our team is showing some people how the robot works. This is the field for the skyblock game fully set up.