We participate in robotics competitions hosted by FIRST where we get to put the robots we’ve built to the test in games where we have to work with our allies against the opposing teams in competitive games.

There are 3 main FIRST Competitions:

FLL is for younger participants and involves designing and building robots out of Legos, and then programming them with basic block coding. Several of our members started in FLL and we are looking to try and form another group. It is a great way to get started building robots.

FTC is an introduction to using CAD to design a robot that we get to make out of metal and screws, rather than Legos, and program with normal programming languages, rather than basic block coding competition we did last year, and are doing this year.

FRC is the last of the FIRST programs that takes every thing that we learned in FTC and dials it up a notch with the biggest, coolest, most intricate, and fastest robots that get built in FIRST. We would love to compete in FRC this year!